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#1 Detailed Video Training (Total Value: $2,997):


Sara and her team give you a step-by-step blueprint for creating a successful eBook business. We break it down so that it’s easy to follow, yet also compelling enough to get you on your way to creating a game-changing income.

  • Find profitable book niche and topics.
  • Turn them into hot selling books – by doing it yourself or outsourcing it…
  • Techniques to get the most sales possible to set up your recurring income

#2 Niche Finder Software (priceless):


Unlimited Lifetime Access for you to Find the profitable niches and topics for your books with a click of a button.

#3 My little black book (Total Value: $1,000):

black book

Resources to maximize your chance of getting the best writers, designers the first time, so you can get quality products, and make more money.

#4 Unlimited Support from our HelpDesk
(Total Value: $1,188):


No need to get stuck ever again – Reach our help desk with any questions about Kindle FastTrack Profit.

Plus, 3 Amazing FREE Bonuses:

Free Fast Start Bonus #1: Low Content Masterclass(Total Value: $997):


You’ll get another great method for creating a book quickly without having to hire a ghostwriter and with little writing on your part.


Free Fast Start Bonus #2: Paperback and Audiobook Profit Multiplier(Total Value: $997)


Do the work once and make money through multiple income streams. We’ll show you how to release your eBook as a paperback and audiobook.


Free Fast Start Bonus #3: International Profit Multiplier (Total Value: $997):

profit multiplier

You can sell your book in other countries for even more revenue. We’ll help you find other countries to sell your book in and teach you how to get it translated.

That’s over $8,116 in Value

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Just $199

  • 4
  • 2
  • 3

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

If you have a lot of successful students, doesn't it make publishing eBooks more competitive?

While many of my students have gone on to be quite successful, the Amazon market is vast. If you lined up all of the Kindle books sold in a month, you could go around the entire Earth with books to spare. It’s such a huge market, that there’s room for plenty more sellers. Currently, it’s not nearly as competitive as some of the other ecommerce categories, like home products or clothing.

What else can I expect to spend?

If you want to hire a ghostwriter, you’ll spend about $300 (this will depend on the length/subject of your book). Cover design costs anywhere from $5-$50. If you plan to run ads on Amazon, you can spend as little or as much as you like. For me, $50-$100 each month works out well. I often get $500-$1,000 in sales from those ads alone.

When can I expect to earn X amount of money?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer for this one. A lot of your success will come down to you – how much time and effort can you devote to this endeavor

You have the potential to replace your income in 2-3 months, but for many it can take a year. If you do nothing, then you can’t expect to earn anything. Think of it this way…

If you knew right now that it would take you a year of challenges, of ups and downs, of time and effort to reach your target income, would you begin?

If not, that’s ok. Our program is probably not right for you – we’re looking for students who are determined to make it. It may not take an entire year…but it could. You have to be the type of person who keeps going, even when things are slow.

But…if you said yes to these questions, then you’re exactly the type of student we want! Hurry and sign up before I take this program off the market

I struggle with technology and computers. Can I really do this if I'm lacking in technical skills?

Absolutely! I promise – you don’t need any tech skills to do this and do it well. I’ve crafted this program so that it’s easy enough for school children to do. Our success stories cover a wide variety of people, even people with less computer skills than you.

I can't write and have no design skills. Can I really be successful?

You certainly can. I hire ghostwriters and cover designers to help me. This system has been great for me. In the program, I’ll teach you exactly how I outsource the work. I’ll even share with you the step by step guide so you can find the best people to help you.

I've never started a business or tried to earn money online. Is it possible for me to do this with no experience?

You definitely can! You don’t need any special skills – just motivation to succeed. We created this program to be simple and we break down all the steps. We’ve had lots of people find success through our program, and many of them had no prior experience.

How much time should I devote to publishing?

During the creation phase, you’ll need to dedicate several hours per book. Once you’ve put your books up to sale, you won’t need to devote much extra time.

Is it possible to do this from X country?

Definitely! As long as you have a reliable internet connection, it doesn’t matter where you’re located.

What type of book should I write? I don't have any ideas!

It’s okay, even if you don’t have a book idea, you can still do this. During the course, I’ll give you detailed instructions on finding an idea and then ensuring that it’s a good idea. I’ll help you figure out if you’re onto an idea that will sell. Once you learn my steps, you’ll find plenty of winning book ideas in no time.

What type of profits can I expect over a certain period?

This answer is dependent on many factors, like how much time and money you can dedicate to your projects.

While you may be able to sell enough to replace your income in as little as 2-3 months, some people require a year before finding success.

Are you willing to dedicate a year to this? Even if that year has many challenges and there are days where you feel like you’re not getting any momentum?

If you said yes, then you have the “can-do” attitude that it takes to succeed. Many successful authors have a slow start, but gain success through perseverance. What are you waiting for? Sign up now before this course goes off the market!

If your system is so awesome, why aren't you doing it yourself?

I’ll give you three answers:

  1. I actually do publish books myself. I’m sharing the exact system I use.
  2. I’ve been incredibly successful and want to share that success with others. I enjoy helping other people and it makes me happy to see others creating the lives they want.
  3. Honestly, I do quite well with the course. My information is valuable, and I feel that it’s worth the money I make.