LEARN How to create ebooks that potentially give you $10,000 month after month without ever writing a single word. Finally, the Blueprint To Start An Almost Automated Income Business On Amazon – With No Physical Products.

In Your Spare Time with top digital entrepreneur Sara Ford.

THE PROVEN STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM of creating digital assets for recurring incomes with Amazon.

For the first-time ever, you’re about to see a simple step-by-step system that produces potentially $10,000 monthly recurring income without physical products.

Revenue Proof 2

Sara got years of experience in successfully growing online sales and revenues without having to stock products, manage inventory and deal with shipping and returns.

A proven framework Sara put together that:

  • Doesn’t rely on physical products
  • Yields a high margin
  • Is evergreen, i.e. they can generate income in any season, year after year.
  • Requires little to no technical skills


Jason – Retiree from South Africa

Thanks to Sara’s help, I was able to generate a healthy side income while still having the time to follow some of my other interests as well. Her expertise and knowledge are truly invaluable to anyone trying to start or scale an online side income.

Digital Products
Are the future



What’s more, Amazon takes care of all of the selling parts

From processing payments, dealing with customers, managing fulfilment, finding the customer and more. It’s pretty much hands-off income – all you have to get paid.

Why this is one of the Best Ways I know to Make a Passive Income:

  • Low competition
  • High volume
  • Easy to make sales
  • Almost entirely passive
  • You don’t need a website
  • Traffic built in
  • No need for special skills
  • Little startup time & investment

Until recently, only large publishing companies and famous authors were able to publish books. But the Kindle platform has made it possible for almost anyone to become a successful publisher. It’s as easy as uploading it to the platform. If you can upload a photo to Instagram, then you can upload a book to Kindle. You don’t even have to be a writer. You can hire a ghostwriter. Then, you put your book on Kindle and it’s good to go. You have the potential to earn while you go on with the rest of your life.

If you like to write, you can write your ebooks yourself. I can even share my secrets for creating quality content in less time that will help you get more sales. There’s so much potential here. I know people who’ve uploaded hundreds of ebooks to their Kindle store and make thousands in profit each month without writing a single word.

Sara was able to:

  • Quit her full-time job
  • Pay off her mortgage
  • And more importantly spend more time with her two small children instead of being stuck at a desk.

Here’s the most amazing part


This is a completely new way to publish and anyone can do this. You don’t have to be a great writer. In the past, publishing a book took a lot of time and effort. You had to submit to publishers, wait to get accepted and go through the editing process. Then you had to do book signings and book readings. It was exhausting. You had a stock of books printed that you were expected to sell. But this is different. You’re creating digital content, so you don’t have to do all of those other things.

black book

You may already have ideas about the types of books you’d like to write. Sara can help you through the process, showing you how to complete your books and get them to the appropriate length. She’ll also share my secret about Evergreen books – these books sell all year long, year after year.

On the other hand, you may have no book ideas and may not feel comfortable writing. She’ll show you how to publish a book without actually writing it. Sara can give you her secrets to finding budget-friendly, talented ghostwriters who can handle all the writing. You will have to invest a little money to do this, but if you have a good book idea, it won’t take long for you to recoup these costs. 


Sara’s been living the dream. She can literally work from anywhere in the world, and enjoying spending time with her young kids. And most importantly her online income has paid off her mortgages completely.

And if you’re just starting out on your digital entrepreneurship journey…

Creating and selling ebooks on Amazon Kindle isn’t about trading your 9-5 job for another. It’s about investment, as unlike ecommerce products, once you create ebooks as your digital assets, they are truly assets in the sense of investments, i.e. you can enjoy recurring income and royalties from your investments for years to come.

And this is the Real goal. Having multiple assets that keep funding your lifestyle and your dream life.

10 1


3 REASONS YOU SHOULD START creating your digital assets with Amazon Kindle TODAY!

  • Anyone can publish books through Kindle and earn passive income.
  • No special skills required – you don't have to be an expert writer or have any knowledge about the publishing industry
  • Over 1,000 authors make over $100,000 each year from Kindle books and this number is only growing. Will you be next?

How much money can these Books potentially make

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The 3 Secrets You Need to Know:

Secret #1

When it comes to online businesses and earning potential, Kindle ebooks are considered low-hanging fruit. This means there's a high demand and low competition.

Secret # 2

Secret #2: Most people think you have to be a great writer to publish books – you don't. You can be just as successful without ever writing a single word.

Secret #3

Secret #3: Very few people know about an easy hack that helps your books get in front of customers who are ready to buy.

There’s never been a better opportunity to set up a potential passive income by publishing Kindle Books online

kpl book
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eBook Sales Boom

  • More people have devices like phones, tablets, and e readers for reading on the go.
  • Increasing popularity of smart home speakers like Amazon Echo, Google Nest and Apple Home
  • People are getting more concerned about the environment and are trying to reduce the use of paper


THE YOU CAN ACCESS THE PRICELESS INSIGHTS AND NICHE FINDER SOFTWARE to find the Kindle profitable topics for your books

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You’re about to get access to the exact software and steps Sara Ford has tested, refined, and perfected….

This step-by-step process is distilled from her thousands of tests, failures, and wild successes. She’s already done all the hard work and sleepless nights so you don’t have to!

Step 1 – Finding Kindle Profitable Niches

The secret is to find evergreen niches with a low production cost, low competition and in high demand.

We'll figure out how to come up with winning ideas and then analyze the demand and compete The good news is, by joining Kindle FastTrack, you’ll get access to the software that'll help you find these hot and successful niches. Instead of spending days trying to find a good topic, you can figure it out quickly and get your books published sooner.

Step 2 – Putting together high-quality books

Once you have a great topic, you need a high-quality book. It has to be easy to read and contain good information so that people will want to read it.

If you already have some ideas and are ready to write, I can help you with things like figuring out the length of your books, creating good content and structuring your book. I can also share more about Evergreen books, the ones that sell no matter the season.

Don’t Freak out. You don’t actually have to write a book!

If your talent doesn't lie in writing, that's completely okay. During this step of the training, Sara can show you how to get your books ghostwritten and published so that you don't have to write anything. You don't even have to spend thousands on a ghostwriter. She'll give you the secrets of finding quality ghostwriters even on a budget. Although you'll have to spend a little using this method, you can quickly get your money back once your book starts to sell.

You'll likely have to make a small investment in your book at the beginning. However, once it starts selling to you, you can recoup the cost quickly. Once you've recouped that cost, everything you make is pure profit. Other than what you share with Amazon, the rest of the money is yours. You don't have to spend money on things like purchasing new stock or shipping. And, you can take some of what you earn and invest it in your next book. Before long, your business may fund itself.

With this type of recurring income, you have more money each day than the one before. This is the type of income I'm currently enjoying.

Step 3: Make It Sell

So now you've created a book and it's time to publish it. What next? How do you make sure you get a lot of sales?

Sara has discovered a lot of launching hacks that will help you get as many copies sold as possible.

She'll share her strategies for pricing and promotion, and make sure you're aware of some major mistakes that you'll want to steer clear of.



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Kindle Fast Track 2022

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The Simple 3 step system

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Sara Ford is a highly successful online entrepreneur. She discovered an easy, lucrative system to make money online, allowing her to create over multiple online income streams. Since implementing her system, she consistently makes a 6-figure income while working five hours each week.

Sara’s online business has been life-changing. It has allowed her to:
🔹 Quit her full-time job
🔹 Pay off the mortgage on her house
🔹 Have financial security for her and her family
🔹 Spend more time with her two small children


Sara wants to help others discover what she’s discovered. She’s helped thousands of people to set up successful side income streams.

She hopes to help everyone discover her life-changing secrets so they too can benefit. She plans to reveal everything she does in her upcoming workshop.

Learn Sara’s secrets and you too could have life-changing success.


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Module 1:

Starting from the Ground Up

A solid foundation now to set you up for success

🔹 Lesson #1 – How Amazon Kindle Can Become an Incredible Profitable Business
🔹 Lesson #2 – Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)
🔹 Lesson #3 – What type of profits can you expect?
🔹 Lesson #4 – What to Expect in Your First Year with KDP
🔹 Lesson #5 – Mistakes to Avoid
🔹 Lesson #6 – Amazon Rules and Regulations
🔹 Lesson #7 – Long Term Strategy – Do You Care Enough To Success?

Module 2:

Secrets to Building a Profitable Businesses- Get in the right mindset and get results

In this module you’ll lay the foundations for a successful Kindle Direct Publishing. This ensures you start off the right way and gives you everything you need to know before you get going.

🔹 Lesson #1 – Setting your Publishing Goals
🔹 Lesson #2 – Strategies on Pricing your Book Right
🔹 Lesson #3 – What is the ideal length for a Kindle Book?
🔹 Lesson #4 – Nonfiction vs. Fiction books
🔹 Lesson #5 – How about no or low content books?
🔹 Lesson #6 – Why should you outsource your books?
🔹 Lesson #7 – How to build your Kindle publishing business with Ghostwriters
🔹 Lesson #8 – Contracting Ghostwriters
🔹 Lesson #9 – Ready to get started?

Module 3:

Hot Selling Book Topics and Niches – How to come up with hot niches that will sell and assess the demand and competition!

In this module you’ll lay the foundations for a successful Kindle Direct Publishing. This ensures you start off the right way and gives you everything you need to know before you get going.

🔹 Lesson #1 – KDP Account Creation- Here’s How to do it
🔹 Lesson #2 – Researching for Profitable Niches and Relevant Keywords
🔹 Lesson #3 – Niche Research- Things to Consider
🔹 Lesson #4 – Short tail keywords and Long tail keywords
🔹 Lesson #5 – Profitable Book Ideas- Ways to Brainstorm and Develop
🔹 Lesson #6 – Grammar and Spelling Check
🔹 Lesson #7 – Low or Zero content books
🔹 Lesson #8 – Checklist for Writing Your First Book

Module 4:

Best Seller – How to create books that people want to read and keep coming back

In this module you’ll lay the foundations for a successful Kindle Direct Publishing. This ensures you start off the right way and gives you everything you need to know before you get going.

🔹 Lesson #1 – The Best Seller Book Formula
🔹 Lesson #2 – The “Sticky Book Checklist” You Need to Increase Your Book Sales
🔹 Lesson #3 – Best-Seller Book Titles: The Art of Title and Subtitle Creation
🔹 Lesson #4 – Book Titles for Low or No Content Books
🔹 Lesson #5 – Strategies for Finding Great Keywords to Increase Your Book Sales
🔹 Lesson #6 – Software to Make Keywords Search Easier for You
🔹 Lesson #7 – Tips on the 7 Keywords for KDP
🔹 Lesson #8 – How to Choose your Amazon Categories to Become a Best-Selling Author
🔹 Lesson #9 – How to Choose a Best-Selling EBook Cover
🔹 Lesson #10 – How to Create a Great Book Description
🔹 Lesson #11 – Bundling Your Books to Increase Sales
🔹 Lesson #12 – How to Create Your Author Central Author Page

Module 5:

Sell Sell Sell – Special hacks to launch and get as many copies sold as possible

In this module you’ll lay the foundations for a successful Kindle Direct Publishing. This ensures you start off the right way and gives you everything you need to know before you get going.

🔹 Lesson #1 – Marketing mistakes to avoid
🔹 Lesson #2 – Introduction to Book Marketing
🔹 Lesson #3 – Planning of a 5-day KDP free promotion
🔹 Lesson #4 – Amazon Ads – Why use them?
🔹 Lesson #5 – The Mindset of Amazon Advertising
🔹 Lesson #6 – How to Find the right Keywords For Amazon Advertising Campaigns
🔹 Lesson #7 – How to Create Targeting Campaign
🔹 Lesson #8 – Promote Your Kindle Book After Launching
🔹 Lesson #9 – Allowing other people to download your Kindle Ebook for Free
🔹 Lesson #10 – Should I use Facebook Ads for eBooks on KDP?
🔹 Lesson #11 – Why should you work with pre-order products?
🔹 Lesson #12 – Is Kindle The Best Place To Sell Your Books Online?
🔹 Lesson #13 – Should You Enroll your Book in Kindle Unlimited (KU)?
🔹 Lesson #14 – Getting positive reviews
🔹 Lesson #15 – Multiplying your profit By Reusing Content

Module 6:

Growing Your Sales and Your Business – How to generate even more revenue and profit with your books and your business

In this module you’ll lay the foundations for a successful Kindle Direct Publishing. This ensures you start off the right way and gives you everything you need to know before you get going.

🔹 Lesson #1 – How to Use KDSPY – A power tool for book publishers
🔹 Lesson #2 – An Overview of Publisher Rocket
🔹 Lesson #3 – An Overview of Book Bolt
🔹 Lesson #4 – How to create book covers and low content books with Canva
🔹 Lesson #5 – How to Use the Look Inside Feature to Increase Visibility
🔹 Lesson #6 – Thinking about Book Publishing Business
🔹 Lesson #7 – Profit multiplier with Paperback Versions of Your Books
🔹 Lesson #8 – Selling Paperbacks on Other Platforms
🔹 Lesson #9 – International Profit Multiplier – Getting Your Book Translated to Other Languages
🔹 Lesson #10 – Even More Keyword Search Tips
🔹 Lesson #11 – How to Monitor a Keyword Targeting Campaign
🔹 Lesson #12 – How to Handle Negative Reviews
🔹 Lesson #13 – Frequently Asked Questions
🔹 Lesson #14 – Bonus – Choosing a Pen Name with Pen Name Generator
🔹 Lesson #15 – Bonus – Getting Started

What others said about Kindle FastTrack

Start to create Kindle books
for recurring income now!

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tick mark2Here’s What you GET

#1 Detailed Video Training (Total Value: $2,997):


Sara and her team give you a step-by-step blueprint for creating a successful eBook business. We break it down so that it’s easy to follow, yet also compelling enough to get you on your way to creating a game-changing income.

  • Find profitable book niche and topics.
  • Turn them into hot selling books – by doing it yourself or outsourcing it…
  • Techniques to get the most sales possible to set up your recurring income

#2 Niche Finder Software (priceless):


Unlimited Lifetime Access for you to Find the profitable niches and topics for your books with a click of a button.

#3 My little black book (Total Value: $1,000):

black book

Resources to maximize your chance of getting the best writers, designers the first time, so you can get quality products, and make more money.

#4 Unlimited Support from our HelpDesk
(Total Value: $1,188):


No need to get stuck ever again – Reach our help desk with any questions about Kindle FastTrack Profit.

SAVE 50%

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Right now you can invest in Kindle Fast Track for nearly HALF its normal price. So act now and save! Because once the doors close, the discount disappears.



  • 6 Easy-To-Follow Training Modules
  • 61 In-Depth Video Lessons
  • 8+ Hours of Proven Amazon FBA Content
  • Professionally Produced Workbook
  • 3 Exclusive Bonuses worth $2,991>
  • Limited-time Discount of $600 when you Sign Up today
  • Kindle 24/7 Customer Support
Plus, 3 Amazing FREE Bonuses:

Free Fast Start Bonus #1: Low Content Masterclass(Total Value: $997):


You’ll get another great method for creating a book quickly without having to hire a ghostwriter and with little writing on your part.

Free Fast Start Bonus #2: Paperback and Audiobook Profit Multiplier(Total Value: $997)


Do the work once and make money through multiple income streams. We’ll show you how to release your eBook as a paperback and audiobook.

Free Fast Start Bonus #3: International Profit Multiplier (Total Value: $997):

profit multiplier

You can sell your book in other countries for even more revenue. We’ll help you find other countries to sell your book in and teach you how to get it translated.