How to create a KDP account?

This article will show you how to sign up for an Amazon Kindle account, and publish and sell books on Amazon specifically through the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform. You may also be wondering what KDP Amazon is and how to sell books on amazon? Read the article below to answer these questions!

There are many ways to make money on Amazon global e-commerce site that you can join:

  • As a major global e-commerce platform, you can sell physical items on amazon.
  • Do Dropship – drop products from wholesalers on aliexpress, alibaba, ebay then resell on amazon to earn the difference profit.
  • Do affiliate marketing Affiliate Marketing – earn commissions through product referrals. FBA – sell physical products, send goods to Amazon to preserve, pack and ship to customers for them.
  • Trading in handmade crafts, in addition to amazon, there is also a very strong Etsy in selling this type of product.
  • Sell ​​T-shirt Merch amazon – design the image on the t-shirt, AMZ will print the shirt with your design and ship it to the customer.
  • Create Monetized Videos on AMZ (same as Netflix).
  • Sell ​​books on Amazon using a self-publishing platform – Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).
  • Selling services – in addition to the usual physical products, through the AMZ platform you can also trade services such as education, events, health, beauty, pets, law, landscape ….

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Of the ways to make money above, selling books on Amazon is the easiest form to join.

What is KDP Amazon (Amazon Kindle)?

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What is Kindle Direct Publishing - Pros & Cons of KDP


Let's start with KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). KDP is one of Amazon's selling platforms. You write and publish the book and KDP handles the rest. Let's check the Pros and Cons of Using KDP. And decide whether to publish online books with KDP. Welcome to “KINDLE FASTTRACK PROFIT” at

Amazon Kindle is a platform consisting of hardware devices and software applications developed by Amazon itself that allows people to read e-books on it. Not only that, the kindle app helps users to read books on many electronic devices. Devices using the operating system iOS, Android, Windows phone, Mac, Windows, Kindle Cloud Reader are all supported. Besides, users can also make money selling ebooks on Amazon Kindle created by themselves through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform.

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KDP Amazon is an Amazon book publishing platform that anyone can join. KDP allows you to publish books on amazon in the following formats: ebook is an e-book read on electronic devices, audio book is an audio format, a book read to listen on devices, and Paperback is a type of book that will be printed and shipped to readers. After a customer pays for your book, AMZ will send you a portion of the profits.

How to create a KDP account?

Step 1: Go to the following link -> click Sign up button to register to create an Amazon Kindle account.

Step 2: Click the Create your KDP account button to create an Amazon Kindle account.

Step 3: Fill in the required information -> then click the Create your KDP account button.

Step 4: Go to the email inbox you registered above to get the OTP code that Amazon sends you and fill in the Enter OTP box as shown below to confirm the email -> click Create your Amazon account.

Step 5: Click Agree to agree to the terms to create an Amazon Kindle account.

At this point, you have created an Amazon Kindle book selling account.

This is also an account to use for other Amazon services, not just to sell books. However, to start publishing books on Amazon, you need to complete the steps to declare specific information about taxes and payments to your KDP Amazon account.

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To update payment information for your KDP Amazon account, you need a Payoneer or Pingpong account. Please register for a Payoneer account first and then continue!

How to manage Your KDP Account?

You may find that your Amazon account has so many options that it can be a little hard to know what’s what, which is why today we want to explain how to manage your Kindles and your content.

Managing your Kindles and their content from the Amazon website allows you to do many things you may not have known you could do. For example, you can unregister devices, you can reload content, you can add narration and many other valuable options.

To manage your Kindles and their content, first click the drop-down menu next to “Your Account,” then click “Manage Your Content and Devices” from the list.

You may need to sign in on the next page.

The “Manage Your Content and Devices” page is divided into three categories: “Your Content,” “Your Device,” and “Settings.”

Out of the three, “Your Content” has the content that you most want to use. For example, if you click on a title, you can move it to another device or delete it. You can also organize your content by books, music, documents, and more.

Select a title, in this case a book, then click the “Actions” button and the pop-up menu will show options other than the aforementioned distribution and deletion.

You can download the title and transfer it via USB, remove the furthest page read, and even add narration.

If you add narration, you’re essentially buying an audiobook. The narration will cost you more than the actual cost of owning the book and is provided by Audible.

On the “Your Devices” tab, you can manage your various Amazon devices, that is, the Kindle and Kindle mobile app(s).

One item to keep in mind is that you can deregister a device, which is important, for example, if you give or give back one of your Kindles to someone else or it’s lost or stolen.

Finally, on the “Settings” page, you will find a lot of different options for sorting. Of these, you can edit your payment method, meaning you can change your default 1-click payment method, as well as your country settings.

You can also create an Amazon Household, which allows up to two adults to curate content and share membership benefits. You can also create up to four profiles for your child.

If there are any subscriptions, you can manage them from the Settings page and you can also enable/disable device sync or Whispersync settings. This last item should only be disabled if you have multiple Kindles registered on the same account and you and someone else are reading the same book.

The reason for this is simple, every time you visit a title it will sync the device with the furthest page read. If you’re reading the same book with someone else on the same account, that book will sync across all devices, effectively causing you or others to lose their location.

You may have noticed in an earlier screenshot that some books have updates available. If you’d like to enable automatic book updates, any titles you own that receive new versions will automatically receive their updates.

If you want to see your Kindle in your native language, you can change it using the “Language Optimized Storefront” option.

Finally, if you want to send documents to your Kindle email, then you need to add them to the “Approved Personal Document Email List”. For example, let’s say a colleague wants to send you a document that you want to read on your Kindle by mail. You need to add their address to this list first to get it on your device.

If you own one or more Kindles, you should know how to manage them and their content. While you can do so from an actual device, as we’ve shown throughout this article, the Amazon website has a ton of configuration settings that give you maximum control over your devices and content.

How to sign in to Your KDP Account?

After successfully registering an Amazon Kindle account, you will be immediately logged into the KDP amazon bookstore account management page. Or go to the following link: to log in to your KDP account.

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Amazon KDP book sales accounts that have not declared complete information will always receive the warning Your account information is incomplete.

Click on the word Update Now or Your account to fill in the information that Amazon requires. Amazon will ask you to enter your password again -> then enter your phone number -> tick Text message -> click Send OTP.

Copy the OTP code that Amazon sends to your phone into the confirmation box and you’re done.

A book selling account on KDP Amazon requires you to fully declare information for 3 parts: Author/Publisher Information, Getting Paid and Tax Information.

Select your country in the Country or Region section to start updating the information for the Author/Publisher Information section.

Author/Publisher Information – Declare personal information for Amazon book selling accounts
You fully declare your personal information: name, address, postal code and phone number. Once completed, scroll down and click Save to save the update.

Getting Paid

Create a payment account to receive money for selling Amazon Kindle books
This is the section for you to set up your payment account information to receive money from selling books on KDP amazon.

Tax Information

Update tax information for KDP Amazon bookseller accounts
After completing the Payment & Banking section, the Tax Information section is also very important.

Amazon will review the tax information you declare first and then allow you to publish the book on KDP amazon to sell and make money. Because of tax regulations in the US law, anyone selling on Amazon must declare tax information. Amazon will provide the tax return steps for you to fully update your tax status information. Depending on which country you’re selling the book in, the applicable tax rate will vary.

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The tax rates that apply to Amazon Kindle book sellers who are not US citizens at the time of writing were as follows:

  • taxed 30% of profits from book sales
  • taxed 15% of book sales
  • taxed 10% of book sales
  • Not Taxed
  • No Taxes
  • No Taxes
  • No Taxes
  • Not Taxed
  • Not Taxed
  • Not Taxed

After the above information is fully declared and updated for the account selling books on Amazon Kindle. You can start uploading and publishing your books to Amazon to sell for money.

Refer to Amazon’s documentation on how to manage a KDP bookseller account for how to resolve some account issues.

Hopefully, through this article, it has helped you to declare enough information to create a complete book selling account on Amazon Kindle easily and quickly.

Good luck!

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