How to publish a Book on Amazon KDP?

A lot of people don’t know that anyone can publish a book on Amazon, we don’t have to be professional writers or great consultants. Beyond simple, the publishing process and selling your own book on Amazon is fast and free.

Publishing an eBook online is not a difficult task today with the Amazon Kindle platform. For easier access to authors and publishing agents, Amazon has started Kindle Direct Publishing, which is open to multiple languages. Recently, the company has expanded its offering into more languages worldwide. More authors can now publish ebooks on Amazon Kindle without any outside help.

In this article, we discuss how to self-publish ebooks on Amazon Kindle using the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform.

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How does KDP Publishing work?

Kindle Direct Publishing is Amazon’s e-book publishing unit which was basically launched in July 2007 0.99. Amazon has launched Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), formerly known as the Digital Text Platform, used by authors and publishers. Authors can only upload documents in certain formats for submission and charge $200 and $200 for their work.

Kindle Direct Publishing is a publishing interface that’s easy to use when you’re signed in to the KDP console. Here, you will be greeted with a prompt to create a new title. Just before starting the publishing process, get ready with all the essentials.

How to get started with Kindle Direct Publishing:

Publishing with Kindle is free here so all you need is time and effort. And the best part of eBook publishing will let you make money In a few days. Amazon Kindle will let you write your own e-books in just a few steps. The two starting steps are both research and analysis to make sure by launching your ebook profitable in the market or not.

Just follow these simple steps:

1) A potential spot for your Kindle ebooks:

When you have a profitable niche it will make an impact in the market with a reasonably low level of competition. All you need is to come up with potential book ideas. You might have some ideas that’s why you’re still going with this tutorial, let us continue anyway.

You can only come up with a niche idea, just spend some time on different social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. These sites are sure to provide much of the inspiration you need to start something extraordinary.

2) Profitability of your niche idea:

If you really want to make money from KDP, the most important step is basically divided into two parts:

It is important to approach the market size of your niche idea along with analyzing the competition you may be facing in your niche. The best thing here is that you can develop some skills in this field that will surely help you to surpass the average income for eBook authors.

3) Eye-catching title:

After all the effort you’ve made in the proper analysis and keywords, it’s time to name the work you’re going to start. Title plays an important role in getting the best rankings for that keyword.

You should only think specifically and end up with the most attractive keyword so that people can easily attract that keyword.

4) Eye-catching lid:

Your cover page plays an important role in your success. Potential buyers always look at the search results, the cover page is like a very small image. You will need a 1563px x 2500px image for your book cover.

To do this job, you have to hire some expert in the field unless you have design skills that match that level of craftsmanship. Just invest in quality covers by hiring a professional. As it will cost you a few bucks but trust me it will allow you to make a reservation that stands out from the competition which will definitely pull in sales.

5) Content of the book: Write or Have someone else write the book for you

If you have the ability to create content for your book, great. If you can’t do it yourself, just outsource the work of writing a Kindle Book. All you need is to visit some freelance sites and find the best site to do the job.

Other than that, I would say, just enjoy writing your book, have faith in yourself and trust me that you are a good writer! Just go ahead alone and beat the competition with your unique thoughts and ideas

6) Choose a price: At what price do you want to sell your book

Be precise in the matter of pricing, while you are choosing the price, just choose the right price so that people give you the ability to be creative. Don’t make the price too high or too low, linger somewhere between the average price and the average price.

Just look at Amazon, the mid-size Kindle Book is sold at a variety of prices, and prices range from $2.50 to $3.50 just to buy a thirty-page book.

Most of the time it happens that many people who buy a Kindle Book are not looking for a large number of pages, they are looking for the information it has. They assure themselves whether this information will help them or not.

The most important point is to just think from the reader’s point of view, and create unique content. If you want some good reviews then just hire some quality writers from freelance sites.

7) Format for Kindle:

Your Kindle books must be formatted correctly before they can be published on the Kindle platform. The most important part of this tutorial doesn’t spoil all your work here, better format to understand the information better.

You should outsource this work to one of the online Kindle Format experts. Somehow if you want this for yourself then just convert your Word Document to Kindle Format ‘mobi’. You can find many software formats but Kinstant Formatter or Scrivener are still the best to do this task efficiently.

Choose one of them and simply follow their instructions and upload your Word Document and cover image to their server. Don’t worry, you will be able to delete it from their servers once you complete the process. Then, when you’re done, just use the Kindle Previewer to check out Kindle books.

We know this takes time but every great thing takes time and effort.

8) Publish on Amazon’s Kindle Store: And Start Making Money

The last part is very simple, like getting the job done after a long time. All you need to do, login with KDP, just sign up for a KDP account and click on ‘Bookshelf’ all in the title menu.

Just click ‘Add New Title’ and follow the simple instructions there. Make sure to take care of the following:

  • Choose two genres: This will make your ebook easy to find in stores. Make sure you’ve created a book catalog.
  • Add your seven keywords: You can do this easily because you have considered them throughout the production of your work.
  • Book description: Just write the best description you can think of. Really you should work hard just to write the best description possible, try to be unique as this is what helps you stand out from your competitors and drive sales. KDP allows you to add a description of 4000 characters, in which case that is a large number to write the description.

You should now upload the cover. Do you want to be protected by Digital Rights Management for your book? Now it’s time to upload your Kindle Books. Immediately after submitting the above information along with pressing the “Publish” button, your e-book will be accessible to the Kindle Browsing public. Authors can use KDP to convert covers, update descriptions, and change prices for promotions.

9) Comments:

Everyone wants to check reviews right before buying anything, it depends on the reviews that they will buy it or not. If you have the best reviews then this will make you money just by publishing these Kindle eBooks.

Please note, all books are compared based on reviews. Basically, there are two types of reviews:

  • Verified- When someone buys or downloads an eBook and has posted a review.
  • Unverified- Someone just left a review, someone didn’t buy or download the book
  • As you’ve got the idea by now, verified reviews are much more helpful in ranking your book in Amazon Search results.

Just give your eBook away! In case you want to get more verified eBook reviews.

Also, try some alternatives:

  • Let everyone on the team know about your new eBook
  • Find groups and communities that benefit you on Social Media and Forums
  • Ask them if they’d be willing to get your ebook for free and in return, they should write an Amazon review

10) Kindle Marketing eBooks: Maximize Sales

 Here, Amazon will help you in promoting your book to reach potential buyers. But before that Amazon needed the book to hit certain sales. They use KDP select to promote this book.

When you upload your digital books to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform, you can select “KDP Select” if you wish. Just by choosing it, you give Amazon absolute exclusivity for the next 90 days.

During this 90-day period, you cannot upload the book to any other digital platform. You have the option to renew this plan after a 90-day period. In return, Amazon will make your books available on Kindle Unlimited. And in kindle unlimited it will allow you to download the book for free for only one month.

How to publish a book on Amazon? (step-by-step)

Publishing an eBook online is not a difficult task today with the Amazon Kindle platform. For easier access to authors and publishing agents, Amazon has started Kindle Direct Publishing, which is open to multiple languages. Recently, the company has expanded its offering into more languages from worldwide. More authors can now publish ebooks on Amazon Kindle without any outside help. 

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We will show you how to self-publish e-books on Amazon Kindle using the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform.

As a writer, you need to show off your online presence in order to stay afloat in the digital age. Therefore, it is imperative to publish your eBook, whether published or unpublished, through Kindle. Amazon is the new bookstore of the decade. You will never find such a marketing machine elsewhere on the internet. For everyone who knows about e-books, the first word that might come out of their mouth would be “Amazon Kindle. ” It is popular and you can also give yourself some space for your works in it.

Below is a quick summary of the steps involved in the entire process to publish a complete ebook on Amazon Kindle using Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP.

Write your eBook in the right format

Writing and setting up an e-book is easy. Here’s a simple guide to creating a book if you don’t know about e-book standards. You can simply write and save your eBook in any compatible file format (DOC/DOCX, PDF, KPF, etc.). You can create them using standard document creation tools like MS Word or Google Docs. To publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle, you need to complete your book manuscript.

Writing a book is the hardest part of eBook publishing. You need to set the format, page content, layout, design, etc., just like in the original book. Manuscripts must be in any of the approved languages to publish your ebook through Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP:

E-book manuscripts can also contain images in JPEG and GIF formats. The best way to format a file in a format supported by Kindle is to use Kindle Create on a PC or Macbook. The book that will appear on the Kindle e-reader depends on the format and creation method you followed. Also, don’t forget to create a cover photo. Amazon suggests that it’s a flat combination of the front and back of the original book cover. It should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi and a length of 2500px on the longest side.

Set up an Amazon KDP account

Since KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is a subsidiary of Amazon’s eBook section, you can sign in with your existing Amazon account.

Head to and sign in with your Amazon account to get started. You will then be redirected to Author information and Tax/Payment information before listing your eBook.

You can also provide or edit your details from the account link ([Your-name]’s Account) at the top of the KDP homepage. From the window you need to fill in your information as a publisher. The forms include country/region, name, full address, and contact number.

Royalties payments (up to 70% for eBooks) are being sent to publishers by electronic bank transfer. So you have to fill out the forms using your bank account information. The website will then ask you to complete a Tax interview. Tax information is required, whether you are a US citizen or a non-US citizen.

Click Save in the bottom left corner once you’ve finished entering the important information.

Publishing ebooks

The publishing part is very easy and takes less of your precious time. It won’t even take the time you need to synopsis your book to a real-life publisher. So you can be an NSB in 5 minutes and it’s easy using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Below is a summary of the steps required to publish an ebook on Amazon Kindle using Kindle Direct Publishing.

  1. Go to and log in using your Amazon account, with a completed payment and tax information
  2. Go to BookShelf from the KDP Homepage.
  3. Under “Create a New Title,” click Kindle eBook to begin the publishing procedure.
  4. Select the language book from the drop-down list menu. If you’re writing in any unsupported language, don’t go any further.
  5. Next select Book title, edition information, series number, etc.
  6. Add authors and co-authors. Leave the column blank if you are writing the book alone.
  7. Write a description for your book. Amazon and Buyers will find more details about your book from this. It also helps to show your book at the top of relevant search results.
  8. Enter keywords, select a category, age restrictions, and book publishing options.
  9. Click Save and Continue.
  10. Upload eBook Manuscript, Cover page, and ISBN details. If you are only publishing the e-book version and not the paperback version, the ISBN is not required.
  11. The next page will take you through pricing details for your ebook.
  12. You may see an option to select KDP Select with conditions. This will give you more compensation and more reach for your e-books. This only applies if your eBook is exclusive to Amazon Kindle.
  13. Select All territories (worldwide rights) for maximum accessibility.
  14. Choose a royalty plan and enter your price in USD for the marketplace. It also has the option to set different rates for separate territories.
  15. Choose whether to allow lending or not.
  16. Click Publish Your Kindle eBook.

How long does it take to publish a book on Amazon?

After finishing self-publishing your Amazon Kindle e-book. It will take up to 72 hours for your book to be approved. And, it will be on the public listing on the Amazon Kindle e-book store. After publishing the e-book, the site will also ask you to publish a paperback version, in case you have one. Royalties plans usually come in two varieties – 30% and 70%, and you can decide based on your pricing factor.

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How much does it cost to publish a book on Amazon?

Nothing! It’s free to publish a book on Amazon through their online Kindle Direct Publishing platform. You pay no upfront costs, but Amazon will take a portion of your book’s earnings to print, leaving you with 60% royalties after the book print price, which is why authors are making more now than ever before.

Here Amazon Kindle Store offers a great opportunity for anyone looking for self-publishing books and making money with these kindle ebooks. Some people will find it difficult to promote books, don’t worry just follow this guide and beat the competition.

We hope you found this guide useful “How Kindle Direct Publishing Works”. Let us know if you’ve published your eBook on Kindle Direct Publishing in the comments with your valuable feedback.

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